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Finding it difficult to find the right-fit medical staff for your healthcare facility?

Access licensed healthcare staff for your facility and ensure high-quality patient care with our tailored healthcare staffing solutions. We quickly fill healthcare roles like Travel Nurse, Per Diem Nurse, Locum Tenens and Allied with licensed professionals in fast turnaround times.

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American Staffing Association (ASA)

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Our healthcare staffing services are designed to address your healthcare organization’s staffing needs with precision and care. We use our large network of healthcare professionals to help you solve staffing problems easily. This ensures that patient care continues without disruption and your operations stay on track.


Whether it’s filling temporary gaps, providing specialized expertise, or assisting your team in managing increased patient volumes, our affordable healthcare staffing solutions meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing the delivery of exceptional patient care.

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0 -3 Days
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0 -4 Weeks
Non-Cleared Candidates within           8 hrs
Cleared/Hard-to-Fill Candidates within           24 hrs

Advanced Applicant Tracking System & Technologies

Access to Premium Job Boards & Portals

Internal Database of 1 Million+ Candidates

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in a comprehensive range of roles, including Travel Nurse, Per Diem Nurse, Locum Tenens, Allied staffing, Direct care staffing etc. Our services are designed to meet every staffing need, from short term coverage and specialized skills to support for increased patient loads.

Our turnaround times are industry-leading, with non-cleared candidates often placed within 8 hours and cleared or hard-to-fill roles within 24 hours. The time to fill a position can vary depending on the specifics of the role.

We are a staffing agency with over 20 years of experience. We have an A+ rating from the BBB and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Our focus is on tailored healthcare staffing. Our membership with ASA and access to a large network of qualified professionals nationwide help us offer top staffing solutions.

We maintain a rigorous screening process, leveraging advanced applicant tracking systems and technologies. We have a database with 1 million candidates and use premium job boards to find qualified healthcare professionals and place them in the right positions.

Our staffing models include Contract / Contingency Staffing, Project-Based / Temp Staffing, Permanent Staffing, Temp-to-Hire Staffing, and direct medical staffing. Each model is designed to offer flexibility and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare systems.